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Guest posts are a great way to get super relevant backlinks for your site.
With our guest post service, we don’t just use a database of sites we can post on, instead, every campaign is a unique outreach campaign.


Guest Posts Service


Domain Rating 30+
Guest posts with a domain rating of over 30. We mainly use these type of links for our local sites and supporting content on our money sites.
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Domain Rating 45+
Guest posts with a domain rating over 45. These are powerful links that will help your main pages move up in the search engines.
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Domain Rating 60+
These are hard to acquire backlinks from sites with a domain rating of over 60. These are great for competitive niches for your sites.
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Casino Gambling Posts

Domain Rating 30-50+
Get a gambling niche-specific guest post with 1000 words of content, an Ahrefs Domain Rating of 30-50+ and 2,000+ Organic Visitors Per Month.
$350 - 450
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Vape and CBD Posts

Domain Rating 60+
We have access to over 30 vape and CBD website with informational blogs where I can give you a permanent and do follow backlink inside each blog.
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What Our Client’s Say

Manoj Venture Media Company is a company that works to ensure the best possible placement for your website. They have been working tirelessly over the past three months and it’s shown in my websites ranking on Google! My experience with them has been more than positive so far.

Kate Richardson

Kate Richardson

Having worked with the team for a number of years now, we’ve been thrilled with the services they’ve provided us. They have always taken great care in order to listen to our feedback and cater to our needs on a month to month basis. Not to mention we’ve seen great results off the back of their work!

Bryan Villegas

Bryan Villegas

H Street Media

We have been enjoying the services of ManojVenture for about a year now. We are impressed with the quick turnaround time, communication, commitment, and service quality. I would definitely recommend them for any business or agency

Suprachai Thaisin

Suprachai Thaisin

This was an easy choice for us to make and one we have not regretted! With their fantastic and creative content that showcased their skill and workmanship and a vast amount of outreach possibilities and options across markets, including content syndication.

Lorena Reed

Lorena Reed

The results we have seen speak for themselves, and we have seen huge increases across the board. We have worked with them on producing content and link building to help improve our organic traffic which has seen great results.

Hovhannes Serobyan

Hovhannes Serobyan

They have solved all problems we have faced with awesome media placements leading to incredible rankings. Link building is tough in a lot of different niches, but do not seem to have any problem with this. I would recommend to anyone in a similar industry to myself, they’re superstars!

Daniel Miller

Daniel Miller

Translating our Website campaigns enormously increased our conversion and retention rate. Special thanks to ManojVenture translation team for helping us with daily campaigns for our marketing activities.

Dominic Dixon

Dominic Dixon

About Guest Posts

We offer domain rating (DR) as our standard metric on the site because it has worked well for us. While it isn’t perfect it can give a good idea of the quality of a site. 

All of our guest posts are guaranteed for life. We have never had a guest post drop but in the case that a site goes down or is taken over and the content removed we will replace it free of charge.

Our team is also very experienced and can work in niches that aren’t always the easiest to get guest posts on, which we call ‘bad niches’.

We can only offer up to DR45+ for ‘gambling’ guest posts. For other niches which google looks at with disdain, please get in contact with us regarding the pricing.

As with all our backlinks if you are spending over $1,000 our team will help you select anchor texts and target URLs. This is using the same systems that we use for our very own sites and clients.



There are over 20 different link building strategies we use in our custom link building process that work for any website. Your website link building plan will be built based on competitor data.


Launched outreach campaigns to reach out to relevant websites and influencers related to clients' niches. A constant adjustment is made to our outreach technique in order to produce the most effective and high response rates.


A diverse range of white hat link building methods are used to consistently build high authority links for our clients. In order to raise you above your competitors, we aim to build a robust backlink profile.


Link building moves the needle for SEO rankings for our clients, since search engines love the links we build. Our link building tactics are adjusted according to the results of our campaigns and our collaboration with our clients.

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Guest Posting – Manoj Venture
Link building services for gambling.

Accelerate your brand awareness with ManojVenture, search ranking, website traffic, and sales revenue with contextual backlinks from niche relevant websites with natural organic traffic.


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