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ClientTextile HouseDateJune, 2018AuthorAmy WalkerShare


  • -Create a unique brand identity for Spark that sets it apart from competitors
  • -Develop a brand message that communicates the value of Spark
  • -Design a logo that visually represents the brand
  • -Develop a tagline that captures the essence of the brand
  • -Create a color palette that reflects the brand’s personality
  • -Create a unique brand voice that resonates with the target audience


  • -Design marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, digital banners, and signage
  • -Develop web design for an optimized user experience
  • -Create a comprehensive style guide to ensure brand consistency
  • -Create packaging design for product launches
  • -Develop print and digital ads that stand out

Marketing Content:

  • -Write engaging blog posts that drive traffic to the website
  • -Develop compelling copy for product launches and other special events
  • -Write catchy headlines and captions for social media posts
  • -Write compelling email campaigns to engage customers
  • -Create engaging video content to boost visibility and reach